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Lext makes it easy to manage all your most important business accounts in one place.

We automatically broadcast your business information on the main directories, maps and GPS, search engines, social networks and reviews websites. 


A strong digital presence can be defined by how easy it is to find a brand or company online. It’s important for building your brand’s reputation, increasing brand awareness and providing visibility to your products or services online when users are searching for related keywords. 


Increase traffic and visibility. Your potential customers visit different websites, so Lext provides visibility of information throughout the digital network and helps attract potential clients.


Update data easily and quickly. With Lext, instantly change business hours or holiday hours, update business descriptions, product photos, special offers and more information.


Attract new users. Reach users everywhere, especially when they're looking for information while walking, traveling or driving and using various maps and navigation apps.


Build reputation and trust. With Lext, avoid false and unconfirmed information, write social network posts in one place, see all user ratings and comments, answer received feedback or questions.

How does it work?


How to Drive Traffic to your Business?

It’s essential for every business that your potential client could find you. Make sure you build a professional, informative and mobile-friendly website. Target customers on social media channels because they interact with brands they follow and focus. Publish your company’s information on local and reliable business directories, maps and publishers. Focus on other important channels that are most popular with your target audience.

Optimize your website and listings that users could find you when they search online. Use local SEO and make sure you have locations on maps and social networks. Consumers now ask very specific questions in the search box. Google’s algorithm is constantly updated in order to provide accurate answers. So it needs to find as much reliable information as possible in online sources. The more sources the algorithm evaluates, the more reliable they are, the more accurate the final answer is provided.

Consumers still rely on business directories (it’s an online version of business listings) to find the products and services they need. Claim and optimize your Google Business Profile. Create listings on the other search directories, business information platforms and local maps. Update as much information as you can. If your industry has its own online directory, add those to your list. 

Make sure you claim listings on the online review sites because consumers frequently refer to these websites to read online reviews before purchase. If they leave a review, it’s important to respond to every review and engage with positive or negative feedback from your customer on every platform. It builds more confidence and better reputation about your business.

How to attract more customers?

A strong digital presence can be defined by how easy it is to find a brand or company online. It’s important for building your brand’s reputation, increasing brand awareness and providing visibility to your products or services online when users are searching. Be aware that users search experience focuses on the end-user rather than the search engine, so provide a first-class experience of access, appearance, content, response and other factors related to your business information.

Search engines don’t search. People do. Make sure you are focused on making your business information appear online on various sources as the perfect answer to your customer’s every question. You have just a few seconds to convince searchers that you have the right answer to their question, have the answer they can trust and that your business will make it easy to get that answer. Thus make sure you build the best search experience for your potential clients.

Provide the information your potential clients are looking for and make sure that it’s always up to date. It’s essential that you have accurate core business information: address, phone numbers, updated working or holiday hours, etc. Add products and services you offer, write engaging descriptions, show photos, upload offers, posts and additional attributes. The more data you have – the better.

It’s crucial that you engage and nurture your potential customers at every step of their digital journey. Try to provide easy online access to your business information on every source you could, make sure your information gives the right answers, engage and interact with customers, find and react to every positive or negative request, comment or feedback. That’s how you could manage your customers’ satisfaction at every interaction with your brand.

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No matter if you are a Small Medium Business or Big Enterprise CEO, we have a solution for all your locations on how to grow your presence online.

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Whether you are a marketing guru or a novice marketer, with Lext solution you could manage your digital presence like a wizard.


If you are an agency looking to grow your clients digital presence strategy that satisfies your clients and saves your time, choose Lext.


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Atnaujink ir optimizuok savo informaciją
30 Mėnesiui
  • Paieškos sistemos ir verslo svetainės
  • Darbo laiko keitimas
  • Google My Business sukūrimas
  • Duomenų atnaujinimas realiu laiku
  • Atsiliepimų peržiūra


Visi tavo klientų atsiliepimai vienoje vietoje
45 Mėnesiui
  • Atsakymas į atsiliepimus
  • Statistikos ataskaitos
  • Žemėlapiai ir navigacijos
  • Soc.tinklų įrašų skelbimas
  • Konkurencinės aplinkos stebėjimas


User search experience is extremely important these days. When searching for information about companies on the Internet, users want to easily find relevant and up-to-date information, in particular, address, phone number or working hours. If the search is successful, the user will take active steps: visit your website, make a call, use navigation and come to a physical store or office. If it’s unsuccessful, the user will choose your competitor, and if they still take action but are misled when they arrive at the location, chances are they won’t come back to you again. Therefore, accurate business information increases trust in your company and attracts customers.

You will be found, visible and available to users who use different search engines, websites, social networks or navigations. You will even reach users who search through mobile devices, voice assistants, as well as those who are looking for information while walking, driving or traveling.

Company information is displayed in more than 20 different places on the Internet: various search engines, business websites, social networks, maps and navigation systems. Users will be able to find your company information wherever they look. You’ll be available even to users on the go. It is important to pay attention to certain indicators that could help grow your visibility:
Dissemination of information (number of web pages where users can find their company)
Visibility of business information (number of clicks to website, calls, route to physical location)
Improving local SEO (information quality and quantity, average site position in Google search or maps)

Lext has authority over Google. Consequently, all data provided through the Lext network is considered by Google to be reliable and relevant for users. This means that recognized and reliable websites publish accurate and up-to-date business information, which Google relies on to provide answer results.